The W Source™ has allowed me to become a better resource for my clients who are looking for services that extend beyond my area of expertise. As a transitional events specialist, it’s crucial that I am connected with the best local professionals such as CPAs, Attorneys, Risk Management Specialists, and others to better assist my clients with their unique needs. With The W Source™, my network has expanded, referrals have increased, and my book of business has grown.
— Hannah Buschbom, Financial Planner at AmeriFlex Financial Services

Benefits and Pricing


Exclusive access to The W Source™ network, strategic monthly meetings with vetted local professionals, organized one-on-one meetings designed to develop trust among network members, directory listing on The W Source™ website, networking events that occur bi-annually, and an opportunity to showcase your services during “Member Spotlight” at monthly meetings.


Committed, passionate about growth, and engaged. Exclusive to service professionals with general guidelines of no more than three members in each occupation/category.


Recruit new members, attend 9 out of 12 monthly meetings, provide biography, create "Building Your Value Proposition" sheet, attend a one-on-one monthly meeting with another member, buy breakfast/lunch for the group at a monthly meeting once every 15-20 months (depending on group size) with the opportunity to showcase your business during the "Member Spotlight," and must be willing to transact referrals.


Please contact your local leader from The W Source™ regarding membership cost and how to apply. For more information, please contact us at 1-833-W-SOURCE or at