Marie Phillips

Marie Phillips | Head of Accounting


About: Marie Phillips is an innovator, “cloud accounting” industry leader - Virtual CFO, accounting, technology upgrade. With over a decade of experience in accounting services, she provides process efficiency consultation for her clients to automate their businesses and personal lives better.

Before her accounting consultant work, Marie was a financial analyst managing the profit and loss statements for two global brands: Forever 21, Inc. and PepsiCo. At Forever 21, she managed the consolidation of profit and loss statements of 550 stores worldwide. At PepsiCo, she led the national consolidation of the profit and loss statement and analysis of product lines.

Marie's passion is rooted in her commitment to helping people reach their personal and professional goals — particularly within financial and accounting empowerment. Through this passion, she coaches people using accountability and strategic, organizational routines to help them visualize and plan their path to consistent success. She leverages technology and her organizational methods to help others save time by streamlining accounting processes and other time-consuming tasks.

Specialties: Currently, Marie manages the accounting practice at Gursey Schneider LLP where her clients include:

• Professional service firms (legal, wealth management, marketing, etc.)
• Real estate management companies (commercial, multi-family units)
• Live-action film production companies
• Family offices for high-net-worth individuals, ranging from $10M to $1B+

Additionally, Marie supports early-stage entrepreneurs in building the foundation of their businesses while offering an accountability partner throughout their growth. Through this work, she helped multiple clients transform their businesses from zero income to profitability.

Additional Info: An avid learner and self-development enthusiast, Marie attends several conferences annually: Unleash the Power Within by Tony Robbins, DFK International Conferences on how to be a better leader (based on Patrick Lencioni’s books), meditation retreats, and of course accounting conferences — including her favorite, Xerocon.

Marie’s personal life is just as active as her professional commitments. As a former high school fitness champion who participated in the National Championships, she works out daily. At 30, she took up surfing and has traveled to Central America to chase waves each year. She also loves to dance! If you’re ever curious about smoothies or acai bowls, feel free to pull her aside and chat about her recipes and other healthy lifestyle habits

Quote: "Do business with people you like and who share your objectives.” – Warren Buffett

Connect: Contact Marie at or at (626) 808-3277!