Ellen Waldorf

Ellen Waldorf | Mediator


About: Ellen's love of problem-solving led her to law school. After clerking for a federal judge and working as a corporate attorney, Ellen was invited to become a divorce mediator and has been mediating ever since. As a neutral facilitator, Ellen helps families and other people in conflict identify and voice their concerns, understand their options, and negotiate outcomes that will satisfy all parties involved.

In recognition of her skill and experience, Ellen has served as a trainer of new mediators for Divorce Mediation Training Associates, Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education and an occasional law school class. She has spoken on a variety of topics to the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, the Academy of Professional Family Mediators and the Massachusetts Bar Association. Ellen is a co-founder of Aging in Detail, an alliance of professionals serving seniors and their families, and Clergy Works Institute, an organization training clergy in mediation and negotiation skills. Ellen serves on the board of the Community Dispute Settlement Center.

Specialties: Though Ellen enjoys the challenge of mediating different kinds of disputes, the majority of her work focuses on divorce and multi-generational family disputes. Divorce mediation can range from negotiating pre-nuptial agreements to divorce settlements to funding of college educations for children of divorced parents. Multi-generational disputes might arise over money, estates, or the declining capacity of a loved one. Regardless of the issue, Ellen helps family members step back from the emotion of a situation, obtain and process the information they need to make decisions, and facilitate conversations about resolving the conflict.

Quote: "If you want to influence people, you want them to accept your suggestions, you don't say, 'You don't know how to use the English language,' or 'How could you make that argument?' It will be welcomed much more if you have a gentle touch than if you are aggressive." Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Contact Ellen at ew@ewaldorfmediation.com or at (617) 206-4999, or visit her website below!