Lisa R. Zonder

Lisa R. Zonder | Attorney and Mediator


About: Lisa is a certified family law specialist (“CFLS”), certified by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization. She has been a CFLS since 1999. As a divorce lawyer with over 25 years of legal experience (including experience with celebrity divorces), Lisa has served as a courtroom advocate for many divorcing clients. She previously worked for prestigious larger family law firms in Los Angeles including Trope and Trope. As a result of her experiences, Lisa has a comprehensive grasp of the numerous divorce process options that are available to her clients.

In addition to guiding clients through court, Lisa offers Collaborative Divorce and Mediation services. As a mediator and Collaborative Divorce attorney, Lisa works with families to make divorce transitions smoother, more civil and less costly, particularly through alternatives to the traditional court divorce process.

Lisa chose family because she has an interest in helping people resolve conflicts. As a trial lawyer, she understands that in some cases, there is no choice but to fight for one’s interests in the courtroom, ultimately leaving one’s fate in the hands of a judge who gets to “call the balls and strikes”.

As an attorney educator, Lisa volunteers her time as a lecturer for divorce education workshops in Southern California. Lisa takes pride on this role because she wants men and women to be fully informed about all available options for getting through divorce.

Strategic partnering with financial experts, divorce coaches, and business appraisers is especially important for high-net-worth clients, or other clients who are dealing with complex issues. Working as part of an integrated divorce team of professionals can be invaluable for select cases.

Ongoing legal education and mediation training is critical. Lisa has attended numerous American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyer seminars. She has also taken more than 210 hours of advanced mediation and Collaborative Divorce training at pre-eminent in situations including Pepperdine Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution in Malibu and the American Institute of Mediation and CDDT/CDI Collaborative Team Trainings.

Specialties: Zonder Family Law Group (ZFLG) is a niche family law boutique emphasizing out‐of‐court options. The firm was founded by Lisa Zonder, a 25 + year veteran attorney and a Certified Family Law Specialist (State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization) since 1999. Zonder Family Law Group offers numerous options to resolve divorce while keeping costs down, reducing frustration, and protecting client self‐respect. Options include traditional (court) divorce, mediated divorce, Collaborative Divorce, and private dispute resolution. ZFLG handles complex divorces involving business valuations. ZFLG has experience handling divorces for athletes, celebrities, physicians, lawyers, biotech execs, teachers, firefighters and stay at home parents as well as other hard working clients.

Quote: “Divorce can be one of the most devastating and overwhelming times in your life. Even just the idea of it. I know, because I've been there." Workshop host and presenter Lisa R. Zonder, CFLS of Zonder Family Law Group.

Connect: Contact Lisa at or at (805) 777-7740, or visit her website!