What is The W Source™?
The W Source™ is an exclusive network of female professionals and service providers who are interested in growing their referral network and their businesses. We facilitate a dynamic environment that helps our members connect, engage, and collaborate with other women in their local area. With members representing a diverse business group of various specialties and services, The W Source™ offers the unique opportunity to help members share ideas, knowledge, and opportunities with other leading local professionals.

How did The W Source™ start?
A small group of professionals in Santa Barbara, California wondered why there weren’t more effective women’s networking groups in the area. After researching countless organizations, they soon realized that few focused on measurable strategies to increase business. This is where the idea for The W Source™ was born. With chapters around the nation, The W Source™ is creating a powerhouse networking organization aimed at growing female-centric businesses. 

Why should I join The W Source™?
The W Source™ utilizes a proven approach to help you increase your referrals and grow your business. Members receive access to our proprietary tools and resources, online marketing, and collaboration opportunities with a growing nationwide network. Groups are also provided with a Coach from The W Source™ to help them improve their professional skills (i.e. fine-tuning their value proposition, strengthening client relationships, and increasing sales).

Who is eligible to join The W Source™?
Our members are committed, passionate about growth, and engaged professionals. Our chapters are primarily for exclusive to senior level professionals and generally include no more than three members in each occupation/category.

What kind of commitment is expected of members?
Members must attend 9 out of 12 Monthly Meetings and attend a monthly One-on-One meeting with another member. Members also have the option of attending two bi-annual Flex Your Network networking events. If hosting a breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Monthly Meetings will usually be paid for by the individual who presents that month’s Member Showcase. This is a 5-10 minute presentation by one selected member to the group and helps the members get to know each other better, both personally and professionally. 

What are the requirements to become a Chapter Head?
Chapter Heads will have the opportunity to create their own unique network of female professionals and will also conduct Monthly Meetings, organize the engagement with the regional Coach for The W Source™, and will plan (optional) bi-annual Flex Your Network events. Chapter Heads must be willing and eager to take on the responsibility of orchestrating their group and to actively engage their regional Coach. 

Can a Chapter be led by two Chapter Heads?
Yes, individuals may choose to co-lead a Chapter together. We do suggest, however, that individuals who choose to do so clearly communicate responsibilities and tasks with each other prior to the Chapter launch to help ensure a successful group.

What if I can’t make a Monthly Meeting?
We understand you are all busy women and may miss a meeting or two. Members must attend 9 out of 12 Monthly Meetings in order to maintain membership. If you need to miss a meeting, please let your Chapter Head know and make sure to get the name of your monthly “One-on-One” meeting.

When and where will my group meet for the Monthly Meetings and One-on-Ones?
The time and location for the Monthly Meetings are up to each group to decide. Please check with your local Chapter Head for more information. One-on-One Meetings will be up to the two women who are meeting (this may be a coffee, lunch, or a happy hour).

How can I join my local group of The W Source™?
If you have already spoken with your local Chapter Head of The W Source™, she will be reaching out to you with a Member Application and more information. If you have not yet spoken with a Chapter Head, please reach out to us at Info@TheWSource.com or at 1-833-W-SOURCE for more information. 

What are the membership fees?
Please reach out to your local Chapter Head of The W Source™ for more information regarding membership fees. You may also reach out to Info@TheWSource.com or at 1-833-W-SOURCE.

My application has been accepted. Where do I go to pay my yearly fee and submit my biography?
Please note that membership requires approval from your local Chapter Head. Once approved, you may submit your payment here and submit your biography here (payment information must be submitted prior to submitting your biography). Membership begins the day payment is received and is valid for 12 consecutive months.

Are membership fees refundable?
Membership fee refunds are at the discretion of The W Source™. Please contact us at Info@TheWSource.com or at 1-833-W-SOURCE for more information.

What do my membership fees go towards?
Your membership fees will help us provide all of the benefits The W Source™ offers to our members. This includes monthly meetings, online marketing for your business/service, exclusive tools and resources, professional coaching, and more.

There isn’t a local group of The W Source™ in my area. How can I start one?
We’re excited you want to engage other leading female professionals and to help them connect and grow their businesses. Please reach out to us at Info@TheWSource.com or at 1-833-W-SOURCE to learn more about how you can start a group in your area.