Dorly Roy

Dorly Roy | Portrait Artist & Creative Director


About: While Dorly works with celebrities and philanthropic leaders, what she enjoys most about her business is uplifting women. Women who put themselves last in order to support their husbands, their children, their businesses, and their communities. Dorly strongly believes that each woman should be the leading lady of her own life. The photoshoots themselves are a fun chance to dress up in couture and unwind with mimosas and laughter: but they aren't the best part. Nothing compares to "the big reveal", the moment when these women get to see themselves as the VIP celebrities they truly are, captured in incredible portraits. 

Dorly has spent her life as an artist, creating from her soul. She is able to use her talents to make women look and feel confident, worthy, strong, important. Launching her own portrait studio and now serving as Creative Director, has been the biggest joy of her life. Hundreds of women have come through her doors and experienced a spa-like day that includes deep thoughtful interviews, professional hair and makeup application, and incredible portraiture (all fueled by delicious catering and a glass of champagne or two). 

Specialties: Dorly is a master at connecting with her subject at a deeper level. Since most of her clients are business leaders, it is not often that they let their guard down. Dorly gets a glimpse of who they really are. Combining technical skill with intricate artistry, Dorly creates beautiful portraits laced with layers of symbolism. The results are life changing. 

Quote: "Have the courage to stand up alone. There's rarely a support system for trailblazers". - Dorly Roy

Connect: Contact Dorly at or at (214) 718-8322!