Elise Pettus

Elise Pettus | Founder & Editorial Director

ELISE@UNTIED.NET | (917) 797-6465

About: After graduating from Brown University in 1986, Elise worked in television and film, doing everything from booking guests for news shows to writing grant proposals and managing production for independent documentaries. At age 30, she received an MA from Columbia Journalism School and transitioned to writing feature stories for magazines, such as New York, Gourmet, Mademoiselle, as well as early online platforms. After her second child was born, she took a break from full time work for five years, but when she separated in 2010, she realized there was a need for education, support and community around the topic of divorce that wasn't being met. In 2013 she founded UNtied, as an online and real life community for women navigating separation and divorce. She loves combining her reporter skills with her love of people, helping women build confidence, gain knowledge, find a new and sustaining social network, and launch themselves into an exciting new chapter of their lives.

Specialties: A New York Times article about UNtied described Elise as "a connector in the Malcom Gladwell sense," and she delights in helping women find great professionals as well as great peers to connect with as they navigate the challenges of separation and divorce. She uses her reporter's skill to help break down complex issues into comprehensible, direct language, and to source the most knowledgeable professionals on a range of topics from law to finance to parenting and even dating. While a growing number of websites are now devoted to divorce education and coaching, UNtied stands apart in its slightly literary bent and its (sometimes irreverent) celebration of women's innate wisdom, humor and grit.

Quote: "The broken heart is not a regrettable symptom of derailment, but is rather the starting point of anything that matters." - Kimberly Patton, Harvard Divinity School

Connect: Contact Elise at elise@untied.net or at (917) 797-6465, or visit her website below!