Victoria Alsabery | President & CEO


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About: Victoria has been in the financial services and insurance industry for over 12 years. As an agency owner for Farmers Insurance, Victoria helps many customers like you identify the insurance coverage that best fit your needs. Her agency's process is honest, friendly, and personalized to help make you smarter about insurance. With over 12 years of insurance experience, Victoria will help you better understand your coverage options -whether that is auto, home, renters, life, business insurance and more. 

Specialties: As a small business owner, we know you want to improve your small business every single day. Let's start with your Business Insurance policy. Is that the coverage you want? Victoria knows it's not easy to plan for the future when you factor in the unexpected. A Buy-Sell Agreement funded by a life insurance policy can help reduce the "what if's" in your mind. We can help you protect your loved ones with a Farmers life insurance policy. Let's work together on a plan sooner rather than later.

Quote: "God can dream a bigger dream for me, for you, than you could ever dream for yourself." -Oprah Winfrey

Connect: Contact Victoria at or at (626) 683-4979, or visit her website below for a free, customized quote or policy review to find you better coverage limits at the best premium possible!

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Andrea Christenot | Senior Loan Officer


About: Originally from the greatest state of Montana, Andrea "Andy" moved to Los Angeles in 1996 to attend college at California State University Long Beach after attending high school in Palm Desert, CA. Pursuing a degree in History, with a vision of attending Law School, Andy was given her first opportunity in Real Estate Finance/Mortgage Lending in 1998. Enduring several months of training to learn the lending business, she began her career as a Retail Loan Officer with Long Beach Mortgage Company. Her success came immediately and quickly opened the door to other opportunities in the lending industry. For several years Andy worked her way up the corporate ranks in both Sales and in Operations, receiving awards and recognition at the Executive level. When the economy crashed in 2007/2008, Andy made the decision to go back to her Retail roots and began working directly with clients/buyers and Real Estate Agents, instead of Mortgage Brokers. She's spent the last 10 years servicing her clients and building her business based on referrals. Helping people achieve home ownership is what she does and has done it well for over 20 years.

Specialties: Andrea "Andy" is fantastic at making things work for each client. She understands that every client's scenario is different and structuring each loan based on the client's needs is critical to her business. Whether a client is ready immediately or whether they hope to buy a home in several months, Andy specializes in building the relationship with her clients and coming up with a "game plan" based on each clients individual needs. Buying a home can be immediate if someone is qualified, but it can also be a process and take months depending on a client's situation. Walking clients through the process, while maintaining constant communication with their Real Estate Agent is how Andy has set herself apart from other mortgage lending professionals.

Quote: "Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced." - John Keats

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Connie Garcia | Associate Vice President - Investments


About: Since 1992, Connie has provided the sincerity and integrity that she believes each client expects and deserves in today's complicated environment. Since joining Wells Fargo Advisors in 2016, Wells Fargo has allowed her the opportunity to better serve and assist her clients through various planning stages life has to offer.

Connie prides herself in doing something most financial advisors have shied away from and this is, constructing custom tailored investment plans. She strongly believes a customized portfolios help her clients reach their long term financial goals and grasp a better understanding in the securities they own and why they own them.

Connie and her husband, Eric, live in Pasadena with their two children and two dogs. In addition to family-and-friend time, Connie enjoys trying new recipes, hot yoga, hiking, vacationing, and volunteering for various causes.

Specialties: Connie specializes in multi-generational wealth management strategies that account for retirement planning, investments, education planning, wealth transfer, and business succession on behalf of individuals, families, and business owners.

Quote: "You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you." - James Allen

Connect: Contact Connie at or at (626) 583-4148, or visit her website below!

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Mona Ghossein | Realtor


About: A native Angeleno, Mona grew up in the Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles and began her career in commercial real estate at the age of twenty-two. In 2012, after 13 years of successful commercial real estate experience, Mona made the transition into residential real estate. She recently joined the prestigious boutique brokerage, Nourmand & Associates, to offer her clients unparalleled access to the best of the Los Angeles real estate. Mona knows this city inside out and really enjoys showing clients' pockets and neighborhoods that otherwise would have been overlooked by other agents and buyers.

Specialties: Mona has seen Los Angeles change from the beaches to the Valley, and knows her way around the city without using any sort of GPS system. As a true Angeleno, she loves her city and its real estate and has built her reputation on reliability, kindness, honesty, and integrity. Each one of her clients is treated like family and she maintains relationships with them long after the purchase or sale of their property.

Quote: "Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive." - Elbert Hubbard

Connect: Contact Mona at or at (323) 243-0550, or visit her website below!

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Marina Grijalva | Founder & Academic Coach


About: Marina Grijalva grew up in Calexico, California, which is a small town on the U.S.-Mexico border. The youngest of five, Marina is the only person in her family to graduate from a 4-year university. Marina has a B.A. in Romance Languages and Literature from Pomona College and a Master’s degree in Spanish Literature from the University of Texas at El Paso. Marina started her teaching career immediately after college and taught Math, Spanish, ESL and Latin American History at a variety of schools including Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy in La Cañada.

After a successful career as a classroom teacher, Marina decided to start a tutoring business where she could more specifically target students’ academic needs. In 2008, Marina founded My New Tutor, which offered one-on-one academic assistance and test preparation to middle school and high school students. In 2010, helped form MyNT Education offering college counseling services in the Pasadena area. As the Director of Academics, Marina was at the helm of all tutoring and test prep services. She also founded iScholar Prep, which offers college access seminars in the Los Angeles area.

In 2018, Marina left MyNT Education to form Mundo Academy. Mundo Academy is a one-on-one in-home tutoring and test preparation company in Pasadena, CA. Mundo Academy also partners with nonprofit organizations in the Los Angeles area to provide low-cost or free SAT and ACT preparation services.

Specialties: Marina’s success with students not only depends on her teaching expertise, but also her patience and willingness to reach her students. Marina created an environment where adolescents can thrive and tackle academic weaknesses without feeling intimidated. At Mundo Academy, Marina trains her tutors to be empathetic when working with students. Tutors learn how to assess students’ needs and create plans that will help them thrive. The company’s goal is to equip students with the tools to help them achieve throughout their academic careers.

Mundo Academy offers tutoring in Spanish, Math, Science, English, SAT, ACT, ISEE and HSPT prep. They also hold intensive study sessions for the SAT and ACT that focus on teaching students the concepts and strategies necessary to succeed in those exams.

Quote: “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” - Malcolm X

Connect: Contact Marina at or at (626) 354-2032 or visit her website below!

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Cathy Ng | Family Wellness/ Prenatal/Pediatric Chiropractor

CATHY@DRCATHYNG.COM | (626) 344-8586


About: Cathy has had an interest in health since she was a child and aspired to become a pharmacist. When she was an undergraduate student at UC San Diego, she was experiencing an earache and thought she needed antibiotics for an ear infection. She came to find out that the pain was related to a misalignment in her jaw which was resolved through chiropractic care. She later came to realize that medicine wasn’t always the solution to health problems and decided to attend chiropractic school at Southern California University of Health Sciences. She has been a chiropractor for over 9 years and has a thriving family practice in Arcadia, CA. She uses several techniques that are gentle including Koren Specific Technique and Diversified. What she loves most about her work is that she gets to see miracles happen daily without the use of drugs or surgery.

Specialties: Cathy has a special interest in providing care for prenatal/postnatal moms and children. Chiropractic care for expectant moms promotes a more comfortable pregnancy especially if the baby is in poor position. Cathy has had a huge success rate in breech babies going heard down resulting in a successful natural birth. After the birth, she supports moms to help their bodies adapt to a new lifestyle with breastfeeding issues, pelvic pain and poor posture. She also adjusts babies to keep them healthy; from colic to constipation, Cathy can help ease the challenges your little ones experience.

One of Cathy’s biggest passions is caring for children with ADHD, autism and sensory processing disorders. Children with these challenges are on the rise and chiropractic care is foundational to helping them thrive and adapt to their environment. Cathy is well-trained at adjusting these kids and works closely with their other health professionals to implement the best plan for their development and recovery.

Quote: “When you really want something, you’ll find a way. If you really don’t want something, you’ll find an excuse.” - Rachel Hollis

Connect: Contact Cathy at, or at (626) 344-8586 or visit her website below!


Angelica Rodriguez | Interior Designer


About: Angelica studied Fashion Design in college and after attaining her degree and secured a job in Los Angeles designing children's wear. It was a marvelous opportunity and it encouraged her to strive for more. Out of that experience grew her dream of having her own gift gallery, where she could provide many different kinds of beautiful and uniquely designed items for the home and for personal adornment.

How grateful she was to realize that dream in 1997 when she opened Pleasantville Gallery in South Pasadena! It was like an artist's palette opportunity to express her aesthetic abilities in two large spaces with a range of beautiful items. She was able to flex her creative muscles and attract a wonderful community of customers that welcomed the gallery and her. The feedback from her clientele was very complimentary... how comfortable they felt to be there in an atmosphere so relaxed that they would forget the outside world; ...the decorative items so lovely, a feast for the senses.

Specialties: Angelica bring all her accumulated knowledge of intermixing different fabrics, textures and color, of making sure all the silhouettes complement each other by creating harmony in each space and finally, that in its every aspect, of reflecting the dreams and tastes of her clients. She understands that change, even wished ­for change, can bring a multitude of decisions and therefore, potential stress. To create a comfortable environment for creative collaborating, she listens carefully and brings all her talent, imagination and practical abilities and experience to the process.

Quote: We all have a story, one that reveals our essence, our values and our abilities.

I'm the oldest of 5 children, and I have a very sweet memory of myself at the age of seven. It was the winter holiday season when we were told there just wasn't enough on hand to spare for a Christmas tree. Our disappointment was immediate, but for me, short lived. I determined that we would create our own Christmas tree. I gathered my sisters and brothers and shared my solution with them. We all started working together, gathering branches from the pine tree in our backyard. This was a spirited, beautiful moment for all of us. This was a genesis moment for me.

From that point on, everything in my professional life has revolved around creativity, aesthetics, problem solving and functionality. There is always an answer!

I studied Fashion Design in college and after attaining my degree, secured a job in Los Angeles designing children's wear. It was a marvelous opportunity and it encouraged me to strive for more. Out of that experience grew my dream of having my own gift gallery, where I could provide many different kinds of beautiful and uniquely designed items for the home and for personal adornment.

How grateful I was to realize that dream in 1997 when I opened Pleasantville Gallery in South Pasadena! It was like an artist's palette for opportunity to express my aesthetic abilities in two large spaces with a range of beautiful items. I was able to flex my creative muscles and attract a wonderful community of customers that welcomed my gallery and me. The feedback from my clientele was very complimentary... how comfortable they felt to be there in an atmosphere so relaxed that they would forget the outside world; ...the decorator items so lovely, a feast for the senses.

It is the human experience that life sometimes throws you a curve ball. After a wonderful decade, the economy took a downturn and the community where my gallery had thrived began to mirror that. It was a painful time. In 2008, I decided to close my business.

The cliché...What doesn't kill you makes you stronger...feels very true. I may have had to give up my gallery, but I knew I didn't have to give up the core of what made that such a joyous experience: my love of design for the home, and my commitment to working with others to create an inviting and beautiful haven. I knew I could succeed in a one­on­one relationship the way I had flourished with the communities surrounding my gallery.

That decision made, I returned to school to get my degree in Interior Design. Along with actively free lancing, I am currently an in­-house interior designer at Fedde's Furniture, a highly respected and singular furniture gallery in Pasadena. When my clients invite me into their homes, share their thoughts and hopes for a new feeling in their rooms, I know they are investing their trust in me, and I feel privileged to make that journey with them.

I bring all my accumulated knowledge of intermixing different fabrics, textures and color, of making sure all the silhouettes complement each other by creating harmony in each space and finally, that in its every aspect, of reflecting the dreams and tastes of my clients.

I understand that change, even wished ­for change, can bring a multitude of decisions and therefore, potential stress. To create a comfortable environment for creative collaborating, I listen carefully and bring all of my talent, imagination and practical abilities and experience to the process.

My cup is filled to the brim with joy when my clients love the new decor of their home, and treasure the experience that brought it all about.

Many years have passed since I was that very responsible, creative and enthusiastic 7 year old determined to create a Christmas tree for my family. And while life does shake us up from time to time and test our mettle, I am grateful to say that core of me is alive and well, and ready to accompany my clients into the new interior design that makes them happy always to return to their beautiful, welcoming home!

Connect: Contact Angelica at, or at (818) 406-0119 or visit her website below!


Sara Rubalcava | Transformational Speaker, Marketing/Communications Expert


About: Before living her true purpose of empowering others, Sara had a successful, award-winning career in marketing and communications for 20 plus years.

Sara has a plethora of accomplishments and has been recognized by our community with numerous awards. She spearheaded the creation of NLBWA-LA's Business Management Academy and Health and Wellness annual signature event. She has also guest lectured in Marketing and Communications at prestigious locations such as the USC Marshall School of Business and the UCLA Anderson School of Management amongst others. Sara, a UCLA alumna, has also served on several non-profit boards and committees, such as NLBWA-LA, HOPE PAC, and Adelante Mujer. Sara is an LGELP ‘18 and HOPE HLI ’99 alumna.

“What I enjoy most about what I do is making positive shifts in people’s lives. Transformational testimonials from employees and participants from my inspirational speaking engagements is what keeps me fired up and connected to this industry. We get so caught up in the daily toil of our lives that sometimes we need a little push, a bit of guidance and a set of tools to help us get to the finish line. Reach your goals and gain clarity to any obstacles that may be holding you back!”

Specialties: Sara Rubalcava is a transformational, self-actualization speaker and workshop facilitator dedicated to the empowerment of entrepreneurs, professionals, and women experiencing transitions in their life. Ms. Rubalcava is passionate about sharing valuable insights and life-changing tools. Her passion, driven by her own personal journey is to help support others in their personal development by sharing insights and methods on finding abundance and inspiration in everyday living. She realized that seeking the “Best Version of Ourselves” in everything we do leads to a happier, more peaceful and fulfilled life.

Quote: “Live in Your Uniqueness, Live Consciously and Authentically” -Sara Rubalcava

Connect: Contact Sara at or at (213) 675-0769, or visit her website below!


Marjorie Schmitt | Travel Planner, Franchise Owner & Agent of Making Travel Happen


About: After 20+yrs in the HR world, traveling domestically & globally, Marjorie traded in HR Director roles for Entrepreneurship buying a travel franchise. She figured her degree in M.S. in HR Organization Development was due for a break and it was time to put her MBA degree, both from the University of San Francisco, to use. Now, she continuously takes travel certifications for destinations or vendors to better serve her clients.

Her travel business not only feeds her & her husband’s passion for wandering, eating & exploring, her zest of helping others by taking the stress out of travel planning fun again! After all, who wants to spend their evenings or weekends opening 20 different tabs getting mad at websites.

Specialties: Europe, Hawaii, Central America, Asia, Mexico or here in the U.S. of A, you can count on Marjorie to help you with your travel by land, sea, air or train! She is a Travel Agent who actually continues to travel. This is what sets her apart from the big box store travels, Groupon deals or your neighborhood “travel” insurance agency. With her travel experiences, she can CUSTOMIZE your travel plans, help you get a better experience that fits your style and ROI. Whether it’s a honeymoon, church groups, reunions, family vacation or just-to-getaway, Marjorie can help you with your travel needs.

Quote: "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." - Maya Angelou

Connect: Contact Marjorie at or at (626) 491-2657, or visit her website!


Esther Yao | J.D

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About: Esther Yao serves as the marketing director at Alley Law. Since joining the team in 2014, she has helped the team with a variety of responsibilities, including teaching education seminars, drafting estate planning documents and meeting clients. Esther often works with clients whose preferred language is Mandarin Chinese. Esther is bilingual, fully fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese; she is trained in simultaneous interpretation as well as translation of documents into both simplified and traditional Chinese.

Esther earned her juris doctor degree from Rutgers Law School—Camden in New Jersey, where she was on the Dean’s List. She received her bachelor’s in political science with a specialization in international politics and a minor in classical civilizations from the University of California, Los Angeles. At UCLA, she was on the Dean’s List as well as in the Honors Society for Political Science.

Prior to Alley Law, Esther worked as a criminal justice professor at Florida Technical College. In 2013, she was awarded Professor of the Year in her department. Her other work experiences include stints at the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office and the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. She also clerked for the Hon. John A. Almeida, a former Superior Court judge in Burlington County, New Jersey.

Esther is a mother to two children. She is an active member of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) and Serving Training Empowering Moms (STEMS).

Specialties: Alley Law is a boutique estate planning law firm providing comprehensive strategic solutions in the areas of estate planning, international estate planning, business succession, trust administration, probate, and charitable giving. We provide holistic legal services to clients ranging from private individuals to corporations, as well as multinational corporations, and not-for-profit groups. The firm's clients conduct business on a local, state, national and international basis.

Alley Law is a vibrant family-friendly firm with team members who are parents ourselves. We understand the needs to protect our assets and children. By listening closely to what you are concerned about and hope to achieve, we gain the understanding necessary to design and implement a plan to meet all of your needs. We focus on clients’ desires, and attentively listen to their goals, so that we can provide quality and responsive solutions that are custom to each client's situation.

The firm has been built on our client relationships, fostered by mutual respect, integrity, and honesty. By adhering to these core values, we have established life-long relationships with our clients and their families, and we are proud and honored to serve as their trusted advisors.

Quote: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” - Benjamin Franklin

Connect: Contact Esther at, or at (626) 600-9026 or visit her website below!