As a team, we at The W Source™ work as a team to provide a world-class experience to our launching Chapter Heads.  Our dedicated Onboarding Specialists work hand-in-hand with you to determine the best way to locate your members, describe your initiative, and get your Chapter up-and-running as easily as possible.  Our goal is to do all of the “heavy lifting” so that you can focus on developing lasting and meaningful relationships with professionals in your area – leading to business growth and referrals!

Below is a brief list of some of what you can expect when you commit to launching a local The W Source™ chapter!

  • Weekly/bi-weekly calls with your dedicated Onboarding Specialist.

  • Founder Calls with Hannah Buschbom of The W Source™.

  • Proprietary Launchpad workflow (powered by Asana) built into an 8-week workflow to help you stay organized and on-track.

  • Customizable marketing materials including email templates, invitations, interactive member tracking sheet and scripted launch event presentation.

  • Customized scripts and training for putting The W Source™ messaging into your own words for meeting with potential members.

  • The W Source™ branded meeting materials provided to you at no cost!