Kristi Rothschild | Attorney & Partner


About: Kristi began working in the legal industry in 1996 as a legal secretary and was inspired to attend law school. As a result, she has been a practicing lawyer since 2002. 

Her focus of practice is employment law. For Kristi, it's a very personal practice, sometimes as much as family law. She notes that we often define ourselves by our careers. It is how we introduce ourselves - by our title rather than our family structure. When something happens in our workplace, it is deeply personal. Kristi's job is to help employees understand what is and what is not illegal and to help them move forward either way. In this way, she tries to make a positive difference each day. 

Specialties: Kristi handles class action wage and hour claims with anywhere from 10 to 100,000 employees. These are typically document and data-intensive matters. She challenges illegal practices and policies that have intended or unintended negative consequences on workers. 

In addition, she focuses on individual claims of discrimination and harassment which most often occur together. Most of her cases concern sex/gender, or gender identity discrimination or harassment. She also handles claims of religious discrimination, disability discrimination, age discrimination, and similar matters.

Quote: “Inspire someone to be inspired. It's the best compliment you can receive."

Connect: Contact Kristi at or at (805) 845-1190, or visit her website below!

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