Samantha Onnen | General Manager

SONNEN@SBAIRBUS.COM | (805) 964-7559

About: Samantha's journey to Airbus took a few roundabout turns. With a passion for travel and offering a warm welcome to everyone, Samantha first started in the hospitality industry. Samantha started her first job at a small Santa Barbara Inn at 16 and fell in love. This led her to studying Hospitality and Tourism Management at San Diego State University. After graduation she entered a management training program through Omni Hotels that eventually brought her to Texas. Samantha felt the calling for ocean and family and decided it was time to move back to Santa Barbara. Her one focus was to work for a company that had values and sound business practices. Nothing fit better than Santa Barbara Airbus. Much like moving back to Santa Barbara, Airbus was coming back home. Started in 1983 by Samantha's parents and their business partner, Airbus has been the perfect fit for Samantha. Samantha and her father, Eric Onnen, are currently working to pass on his knowledge to Samantha who will be overseeing day to day operations and helping to guide the company in her role as General Manager.

Specialties: Samantha does not have one specialty at Airbus, as with most small businesses each day is a different adventure. Samantha is currently working on developing and honing her leadership skills. Since taking her position in January 2018, Samantha has focused on building from Airbus's core values a strong foundation for employee, community, and customer relations.

Quote: "Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back."
- Unknown

Connect: Contact Samantha at or at (805) 964-7559, or visit her website below!