Emily Soccorsy | Co-Founder


About: Emily Soccorsy, co-founder Root + River (@emilyatlarge) believes when emotions are translated into words, powerfully real brands are born. A former journalist, publisher and corporate marketing executive, Emily has strategically told the stories of world-renowned artists and thinkers, innovators, government officials and business leaders, engaging audiences with her incisive, emotional writing and positioning. Her experience in human behavioral research and neurological studies paired with her intuitive ease and on-the-spot artistic renderings make her an extraordinary speaker and facilitator. Co-founder of Root + River, and a world traveler, she holds a master’s degree in non-fiction writing, 20 years experience in language, strategy and communications and the hands of two children.

Specialties: Through Root + River, Emily works with leaders who want to take an inward journey to uncover the heart of their brand. Using their Root Session process of brand discovery, she practices intrinsic branding with her clients: providing them clear, powerful messaging, brand strategy and category design. These are foundational elements to any rebrand project or branding initiative. Some end results of intrinsic branding work are: shortened sales cycles, expanded brand perception and more lucrative business opportunities.

Quote: “Creativity is the outward sign of inner work.” - Emily Soccorsy

Connect: Contact Emily at emily@rootandriver.com or at (480) 326-5590, or visit her website below!