Cristi McMurdie

Cristi McMurdie | Owner and Lead Counsel


About: As a graduate of Arizona State University College of Law in 1992, Ms. McMurdie began her career in insurance defense work and within a couple years, opened her own family law office, McMurdie Law & Mediation. Ms. McMurdie has been primarily practicing that since then over two decades. Ms. McMurdie has handled other type of cases including estate planning, probate, bankruptcy and personal injury which adds a greater depth of understanding in family cases.

In 1997, Ms. McMurdie became a mediator to handle divorce and family matters where as a neutral, she assists couples to reach their own agreements and stay out of court. This role combines all of Ms. McMurdie’s training that includes law, mediation, professional coaching along with Landmark and PSI transformation training to continue to enhance her skills for her clients as well as for herself. For more information about Ms. McMurdie please take a look at her website:

Ms. McMurdie is a Certified Adler Business and Life Coach, a Marcia Weider Dream Coach and a certified WHY Coach and these skills are utilized daily in all cases whether it is full representation, collaborative law, mediation or divorce coaching to help client during one of life’s most intense transitions – divorce and to create new lives that support their dreams.

Ms. McMurdie is currently the membership chair and last year the founder and president of the local organization of collaborative practitioners called the Collaborative Professionals of Phoenix. Teams are formed at the beginning of your family law case that sign a Participation Agreement stating that if we do not reach full agreement, we are conflicted from the case and cannot continue should the case proceed to litigation. The Phoenix chapter is thriving and growing and helping many families complete their cases with the help of professional teams that keep you out of court.

Ms. McMurdie is a recent member of The W Source™ and has found success by participating in the community for her entire career. In May 2018, Ms. McMurdie graduated from the esteemed Tempe Leadership Program wherein her Class 33 raised all the funds and built a sensory garden for The Center for Habilitation in Tempe that trains and employs disabled adults. Ms. McMurdie is active in the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Business Council and Eliances, knowing that connecting people is the best way to build business while helping others build theirs.

Specialties: Ms. McMurdie specializes in family law with a focus on dispute resolution through collaborative practice, mediation and expert negotiation. When Ms. McMurdie represents parties in a litigation case, she utilizes the dispute resolution services provided by the Maricopa County court to again reach settlement and save her clients money, time and emotional health. She has provided excellent representation and mediation services to parents and families for more than two decades. Ms. McMurdie stays fresh by seeking training in related areas of collaborative law, mediation, communication, coaching and healing work.

Quote: Since the opening of her first solo law practice in 1997, Ms. McMurdie's tag line has been "First Negotiate, Then Mediate and Last Litigate". She operates by the principles of her tag line and helps people reach agreement at the table and stay out of the court room. One of Ms. McMurdie's closest coaches coined the saying about Ms. McMurdie as follows: "She either finds a way or makes one!" and Ms. McMurdie prides herself in being creative in problem solving to help clients achieve their desired results.

Connect: Contact Cristi at or at (480) 777-5500, or visit her website below!