Tucson, AZ Chapter: Coming Soon!

For questions, please contact the Tucson Chapter Head, Tiana Ronstadt, below. 


Tiana Ronstadt | Owner, Coach, Consultant, Leader

POWER WOMEN INVESTING | www.powerwomeninvesting.com
tiana@powerwomeninvesting.com | (520) 571-9053

About: Tiana was born in Utah, raised in Indiana, and grew up in Florida. She is now located in Arizona. After receiving her degree from Converse College and Florida State University, Tiana began her career in banking then went on to marketing and sales management to grow financial practices. In 2006, she started Power Women Investing to do the thing she loves most: meet with clients to achieve their goals. Tiana enjoys the clients, the mentoring, the speaking and education, and enjoys the growth in the industry for women. She loves being surrounded by a team of women to assist her in helping her clients during the changes in their life: peaks, valleys, and the sidelines.

Tiana is an unpublished author, aspiring keynote speaker, spa junkie, a wife, a sister, a great friend, a community volunteer, and the mother of two amazing teenagers.

Specialties: Tiana specializes in independent holistic planning and takes each client's personal goals and objectives aligned against their financial savings plans. She then creates a plan so that her clients will have a road map for their goals. She also points out areas to improve. She utilizes all areas in the planning field from investment, risk, insurance, and reward.

Quote: "You have enough. You are enough. You will not just survive but thrive." Tiana Ronstadt

Connect: Contact Tiana at tiana@powerwomeninvesting.com or at (520) 571-9053, or visit her website below!