Tina Davis

Tina Davis | Movement Queen, Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker


About: "Moving Her Body Has Saved Her life". As young as age 5, Tina found that after waking up with stomach aches and stomach aches that after walking herself to the bus stop that all these symptoms would go away, leaving her with excitement about her day. This was the beginning that led her to following her heart’s desire to moving to LA in 1987 to get a job in what spoke to her; Personal Training. She literally fell into it! Upon arriving to LA, Tina enrolled herself into CSUN where she fell

into getting her degree in Kinesiology, and then got a job at private health club, Mid-Valley Athletic Club. It was a prestigious health club that Tina literally would not take "no" for an answer in getting the job. She was hired as a fitness instructor where she would put new members through their initial workout. It was then when she looked up and saw that the health club offered personal training. That’s when the light bulb went off and when she knew she was going to become a personal trainer. Her quest was to help others "Save their lives by moving their bodies. Today she has been working in the field for 32 years and has helped many people live a happy and healthy life. Tina’s love for fitness has led her to participate in body building contests; which she placed 3rd and led her to a National Championship at age 50. And at age 52 she then received her 2nd degree Black Belt in Hapkido. What can we say, Tina Davis is a Fitness Junky at heart and loves to help and motivate others. Her new Quest is to be a Motivational Speaker to help others get up and out from under their sheets and out of their seats and Move from a state of depression to a state of happiness and joy.

Specialties: Tina Davis is the "Movement Queen". She teaches strength both inwardly and outwardly by moving people through different modes of exercises; whether by walking, running, working with weights or boxing. Her greatest asset is that she is both intuitive and present and is able to connect on higher level, which gives her the ability to meet her clients where they are and is able to know when is too much or when to pull out. The greatest gift she gives her clients is her positive outlook and with that she is able to help others move from a place of sadness, anger, and angst to place of happiness and calm. Tina has been able to help clients get through traumatic times like, severe illness, loss of a loved one, or divorce by helping them to work out their frustrations, anger, and sadness. Her motto is "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and with that she makes you stronger so that when something does happen, the "God for Bid" she calls it, you are able to handle it and recover from it a lot faster than if you did nothing.

Quote:"There is no "I" in Team” and "It takes a village". I love this quote because it’s true that we need each other to get through life and by how I have created a gym family, this has given my clients a community or family to have fun with, celebrate and to fall back on when times are tough. And "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". This quote comes to me because I believe by working out and moving your body this helps you to get out of your comfort zone to build strength both physically and mentally so that when you go through tough times you can endure them more easily. And last but not least "the time is Now" There is no guarantee that what tomorrow brings and the time is Now to get your body, mind and soul fit. Life is moving at lightening speed that just by a "blink of an eye" you are now 55 and thinking where has all the time gone by, your over weight, and you have joint pains. Why wait to get fit, the time is now, for tomorrow could be too wait. The time is now to live a happier and healthier life.

Contact Tina at tinamovement@gmail.com, at (818) 406-1430 or visit her website below!