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Month #9: One-on-One Meeting

  • How It Works:
    At the end of each Monthly Meeting, the Chapter Head collects members' name badges and places them in the Selection Tote Bag. She will then select two badges at random, and each pair will be responsible for meeting with each other before the next 90-minute Monthly Meeting. 
  • Time/Location:
    Each "One-on-One" pair decides on the time and location of their meeting. This can be scheduled as a happy hour, coffee, or lunch.
  • Objective:
    The goal is to help members get to know each other better and to build rapport and trust among the group.
  • Topics:
    Members are encouraged to review their The W Source™ Value Proposition sheet with one another. Each member will share her business/service, her preferred clients, and her goals in joining The W Source™.

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