Batch #1

Episode 03 - Speaking Up: Your Money Life at Work & at Home



Sharon Cox is a Money Coach for women. A financial professional for 30 years, Sharon coaches private clients and small groups, leads interactive workshops and books speaking engagements through her business, The Money Dance. At the end of her talk she’ll reveal a brand-new program - Women & Money online groups for women!

In this webinar, Sharon will discuss how speaking up at work can increase your business value (and potentially your compensation) and the profound consequences of your money-talk at home. There will be practical follow-through suggestions including how to tap into the resources you already have in your W Source group.

Episode 02 - How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business



Think LinkedIn marketing is just another social platform to keep track of? Think again!

Speaker Lindsey Carnett, CEO & President of Marketing Maven, made her first $100,000+ off this platform in 2009 and hasn’t stopped since. In this webinar, she will teach you how to monetize your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

For optimal success, bring your LinkedIn username, password and a JPEG of your most up-to-date headshot to this workshop-style webinar so you can reach an All-Star profile status on LinkedIn.


Episode 01 - Referrals in The W Source



There are proven techniques and systems to connect with your W Source members and generate more ideal referrals. But are you using them?

In our first episode, join us with Lauren LaForge, Sales and Productivity Coach at Southwestern Consulting as she shares with us how you can proactively grow your referral based business and increase your income - starting with your W Source group!